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Zeabuz, the zero-emission waterbus concept from Norway

PortandTerminal.com, December 18, 2019

TRONDHEIM, NORWAY – Norwegian university of science and technology (NTNU) has spun-off a new firm, Zeabuz, to promote and build upon its newly developed autonomous waterbus concept for emission-free waterways transportation.

The idea starts with the insight that most major cities are located in coastal areas or along waterways. Utilizing urban waterways to move people efficiently to where they need be offers a smart fix in relieving traffic congestion on overcrowded roadways.

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Zeabuz, which stands for zero-emission sea-bus, is an all-electric waterbus concept designed to provide autonomous mobility services to cities and towns, carrying 10-30 passengers at a time.

Zeabuz will deliver a new service for urban, emission free, autonomous ferries. Our ferries will operate on-demand, 24/7, be easy to use, emission free, smart and green

Zeabuz website

“Our autonomy solution is world-leading and can enable self-driving ferries that safely maneuver among other boats, dock to the quay by themselves and handle passengers safely,” said Susanne Jäschke, Zeabuz Interim CEO of Zeabuz.

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