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Yacht Support Vessels: The most outrageous display of wealth on the seas

Yacht Support Vessels are purchased by insanely wealthy people who don’t care about how bad owning one looks to the rest of us. As awful as YSV’s are though, they are pretty cool to look at so we’re going to count down 5 of the most outrageous ones in this article.

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA – Yacht Support Vessels are back-up ships that are used to carry the super-rich owner’s toys (jet skis, quad bikes, submarine etc) behind their main yacht.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet insist on wasting their billions in stoping malaria, nutrition and education. Neither own a yacht or a YSV.

If you are not already familiar with YSV’s then that means either you’re not filthy rich or you would rather spend your billions in solving malaria and world hunger. Shout out to you Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, neither of whom own a yacht or YSV.

This YSV is an extraordinary 66 metre-long (216ft) catamaran that will accommodate jet skis, quad bikes, five tenders, a submarine garage, diving equipment, a helipad and a 20 man crew.

So with that rant as our preface to this article out of the way, the following is a count down of five of the word’s most outrageous Yacht Support Vessels (YSV).

Next: #5 – YSV “Sputnick”

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