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X-Site Energy apologizes for ‘Greta’ decal. Change.org says not enough – “resign”

PortandTerminal.com, March 2, 2020

CALGARY, ALBERTA – X-Site Energy is apologizing for distributing a graphic decal that “appeared” to use teen climate change activist Greta Thunberg’s likeness.

And when we say “appeared” we mean it did. It was exactly their intention to make a decal that sexualized the 17-year old Swedish climate activist.

(Editor’s note: X-Site Energy. Have your lawyers contact us if you have any problems with that statement)

The sticker had a black-and-white drawing of a female figure’s bareback with hands pulling on her braided pigtails. The name “Greta” was written below. The company’s logo was under the drawing.

The image unleashed a torrent of outrage after it began circulating online Wednesday. It prompted condemnations from Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, provincial cabinet ministers and members of Canada’s House of Commons. For our American readers, that is essentially the State, Congress and Senate. No division along the lines on this one.

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Today on the internet Change.org circulated a petition demanding that the executives responsible for distributing the Greta Thunberg sticker resign. As of 6:00 pm AST the petition had 14,827 of a targetted 15,000 signatures.

(Editor’s note: F’ing right we signed it.)

“We recognize that it is not enough to apologize for the image associated with our company logo on the decals that circulated last week,” a statement from X-Site Energy Services reads.

“This does not reflect the values of this company or our employees, and we deeply regret the pain we may have caused.”

The problem is, it does reflect the values of the company. Perfectly.

These guys are serial dirt-bags”

Alberta oil patch worker and father of a daughter who needs his job so wants to go unnamed

This isn’t the first time X-Site Energy has used sexually explicit, misogynistic imagery in its advertising. As one person in the oil patch who asked to go unnamed put it, “these guys are serial dirt-bags”.

Advertisement showing the backside of a woman wearing a small bikini and the logo of a company called X Site Energy.
X-Site Energy Services has a history of using sexist imagery to promote itself

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The Red Deer, Alta., business added it was recovering the stickers to destroy them and implementing safe workplace policies.

To sweeten the deal, the company also said in their statement that they are “committed to help (sic) reduce our industry’s environmental footprint”.

Baby steps gentlemen. Baby steps. Let’s see how well you do cutting out the child-porn first. We’ll get to the environment later if you make it over that low hurdle.

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