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3D printed spare parts

Wilhelmsen expands 3D printing parts service to 6 other shipping companies

PortandTerminal.com, December 3, 2019

Six major shipowners and managers have signed up to Wilhelmsen Marine Product’s early adopter programme (EAP) for 3D printed spare parts

LYSAKER, NORWAY – Last February we reported on the partnership between 3D Printing company Ivaldi Group and shipping company Wilhelmsen. Together, the two companies launched a 3D printing service that would see Ivaldi provide Wilhelmsen with on-demand spare part production for ships and other maritime equipment, potentially servicing upwards of 100 vessels per day.

Ivaldi described the basic concept when launched as follows:

In the traditional inventory-based model, an “unobtainable” broken clip on a $1,500 welding mask results in buying a completely new unit. With Ivaldi’s PRaaS solution, customers can order a 3D printed plastic clip, printed on-demand from one of our production centres located in the nearest port. As a result, the customer gets a 10¢ plastic clip delivered within 24 hours, versus having to buy an entirely new $1,500 mask that might take 3 to 4 weeks to be delivered.

This week Wilhelmsen announced that it is taking the venture one-step further by supplying 3D printed spare parts on-demand to vessels at other shipping companies. For now though the service is exclusively open to a group of six early-adopters.

“The savings from reduced cost, time and environmental footprint provided by 3D printing, digital inventory and on-demand localized manufacturing of maritime spare parts is a tremendous opportunity for our valued subscribers to be ahead of their rivals,” said Hakon Ellekjaer, head of venture, 3D Printing, Wilhelmsen.


Hakon Ellekjaer, Head of Venture, 3D Printing at Wilhelmsen

Signing up to the programme are Thome Ship Management, OSM Maritime Group, Berge Bulk, Carnival Maritime, Executive Ship Management and Wilhelmsen Ship Management, which will allow them to utilise on-demand additive manufacturing.

The programme will give the six managers and owners the opportunity to properly assess the potential for 3D printing of parts and new opportunities that it could present.

Based upon Wilhelmsen’s confidence and quick roll-out of the 3D printing program which was only launched early this year, we expect to see more announcements of this type coming soon.

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