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$ Who makes what at Georgia Ports Authority?

PortandTerminal.com, September 25, 2019

SAVANNAH, GA – Interested in working at the Georgia Ports Authority (GPA)? Here’s a quick snapshot of what people earn there.

The average salary at GPA for the 1,365 salaried employees there is $87,069 (Source: http://www.open.georgia.gov/). That’s about 28% more than the median income in the State of Georgia overall, so it’s a pretty good gig.

Of the 1,365 salaried employees in Open.Georgia.Gov’s database, 556 of them make $100k + per year which is impressive.

Crane Operator: 75% of them at GPA took home $100k+ in 2018

Interested in being a crane operator? Crane operators at GPA can earn as much as $158k. Their salaries don’t start there of course but 75% of them take home $100k+ so its a well-paid position (and rightly so).

Half of all the forklift operators at GPA earned $100k+ in 2018

Even Forklift operators do pretty well. The highest-paid one took home $124,288 in 2018. Half of all the forklift operators there earned $100k+ a year, well over the median income in Georgia for a job that doesn’t require a college degree.

Interested in security? The highest-paid police officer at GPA earned $131,265 last year. Only 9 officers out of the 77 reported earned $100k+ though.

The top 10 moneymakers at GPA

Griffith Lynch, Executive Director at Georgia Ports topped the earnings list in 2018

No real surprises here. Griffith Lynch tops the list with a salary of $640,915 in 2018. Georgia Ports has performed exceptionally well and he has been compensated accordingly.

The only surprise here is the lack of women in the Top 10 earners list at GPA. Lise Altman, who heads up HR, is the only woman on the list coming in at number 8.

Here’s the full top 10 highest paid list:

  • Griffith Lynch, Executive Director, $640,915
  • Clifford Pyron, Chief Commercial Officer, $447,431
  • Edward McCarthy, Chief Operating Officer, $404,457
  • Jimmie Mincey, Chief Financial Officer, $368,260
  • Bruce Kuzma, Senior Director of TD (Carrier & Non-container sales), $321,254
  • James McCurry, Chief Administrative Officer, $311,801
  • Bartholomew Gobeil, Senior Director of Economic Development & Government Affairs, $281,617
  • Robert Morris, Senior Director of Corporate Communications, $273,818
  • Lise Altman, Senior Director of Human Resources, $266,875
  • John Trent, Senior Director of Strategic Operations & Safety, $262,693

How much is too much?

Do the directors at Georgia Ports make too much? Certainly not in comparison with some of the other salaries corporate CEOs are making these days.

Arthur L. Peck, CEO, The Gap Inc made $20.8 million in 2018

The parent company of retailer Gap says its global plan is to shutter almost half of the brand’s locations over the next two years.

Ynon Kreiz, CEO, Mattel made $18.7 million in 2018

Mattel’s revenue has declined each year since at least 2016, which was the last time the company’s had a profitable year. Over the course of Kreiz’s tenure, the company’s share price has dipped by over a third.

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