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Editorial: We’re fed up with cruise ship passengers. WTF are you dummies thinking?

PortandTerminal.com, March 14, 2020

Editor’s note. We’re fed up with MANY cruise ship passengers – not all of them. Just the ones who gleefully still ignore the pleas from health officials, scientists and their own governments as they continue to put themselves and others at risk by getting onto cruise ships. You know who you are. What’s the matter with you dummies?

WASHINGTON – What is it going to take to convince people around the world to stay off of cruise ships for a while? Many don’t seem the least bit interested in doing the very least that they can do to help slow the spread of coronavirus. Simply staying off of a cruise ship during this crisis is more of a sacrifice than they are willing to make.

Posted by Laura two days ago.

Is it willful ignorance, fatalism or just plain old stupidity that makes a certain bunch of cruise passengers say. “Damn the torpedoes, put me onto a coronavirus outbreak risk at sea”?

Help us understand. Are the buffets and waterslides really worth the risk? The answer is yes. For many cruise ship passengers, they are.

Cruise ship at sea, mountains in background.
Five people have tested positive for coronavirus aboard the Braemar. Picture: FRED. OLSEN CRUISE LINES

Right now there is a Fred Olsen ship stuck in the Caribbean that authorities in the Bahamas will not let dock. Five people on board have tested positive for coronavirus. You and I are supposed to care. But it’s becoming hard to care for people who so willfully have put themselves and others in danger.

The article above is just one of the stories we and others ran on February 27th. The virus was already burning through Italy, cruise ships were being quarantined and turned away by ports. The world was in crisis.

The Braemar has around 900 passengers on board who boarded on February 27. Think about that. February 27th.

We understand that February 27th may feel like a long time ago given the pace current events are moving at. It wasn’t that long ago. Prior to the February 27th, the virus was already burning through Italy, cruise ships were being turned away by ports, others were being quarantined. The Diamond Princess cruise ship quarantine off of Japan was already old news.

So don’t be mistaken. The passengers on the Braemar new EXACTLY the risk that they were taking. But they took it anyway.

Another dummy, happy to get onto a different cruise ship. Facebook post made on cruise line’s page just a few days ago.

So here we are today. Another cruise ship has a rapidly developing coronavirus outbreak on board, and hundreds of passengers are begging for the world to drop everything and get them off. Resources that are desperately needed elsewhere will be wasted on a bunch of selfish people who knew better but went ahead anyway and hopped on board.

The cruise industry in the U.S. just took one for the team yesterday and has shut itself down for the next 30 days to do their bit in curtailing the coronavirus. They had to. While ports around the world were shutting access down to cruise ships over coronavirus fears, many passengers were willfully oblivious to the risk.

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So if you’re on the Braemar, please understand that we are not the slightest bit sympathetic to your current plight. We’re all busy here on land trying to deal with a pandemic. Enjoy your buffet and waterslides.

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