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We’re about to be seriously hit by Hurricane Dorian. Send “Storm Chips”.

Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia, Canada

PortandTerminal.com, September 6, 2019

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA – The editorial and content team for PortandTerminal.com all live in Halifax, Nova Scotia on the Atlantic coast of Canada. We’re about to be directly hit by Hurricane Dorian tomorrow morning. So if you don’t see or hear much from us over the next few days you’ll know why.

Forecasters are calling for Dorian to be a Category 2 hurricane when it hits. Nothing near the horror of the storm’s strength when it hit the Bahamas as a Category 5, but still ugly.

Cruise ships (and others) are all being diverted away from the Port of Halifax now.

Public transportation, businesses and scheduled events are all announcing shutdowns ahead of the storm. There are line-ups for gas and propane canisters. Batteries and flashlights are all sold out at the shops.

One of our writers was out shopping for hurricane supplies this evening and sent this photo in:

Apples sold out! Lots of citrus fruit still available so there is no fear of scurvy yet amongst the general population!

Serious concerns about “Storm Chip” supply

There is an old tradition in Nova Scotia when it comes to dealing with storms. We get our fair share of them up north here on the Atlantic. When stocking up for a storm Scotians take all the regular precautions. Batteries, water, full tank of gas etc.

One tradition that we do have is to load in “Storm Chips“, and lots of beer. Storm Chips are potato chips bought during a major storm to serve as comfort food to get us through. Beer is something we love up here anyway, hurricane or not. We’re not a complicated people.

So if you don’t hear from the PortandTerminal.com team for a few days until they get the power back on, please forgive us. If you don’t hear from us for more than a few days then please send us more potato chips. We’re counting on you Boston especially.

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