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WATCH: Rough weather sea trials of new Interceptor 42 pilot boat in 50-knot winds

PortandTerminal.com, May 28, 2020

CORK, IRELAND – The Port of San Ciprian’s new Interceptor 42 Pilot boat ‘San Ciprano’ was ready for delivery. The only problem was that due to the ongoing COVID19 travel restrictions in Europe, the team at San Ciprian were unable to fly to Ireland where the manufacturer of the vessel was located. That meant that they were unable to be present in person for rough weather sea trials of their new pilot boat.

Instead, the team at Safehaven Marine produced this video showing them put the boat through its paces in the rough weather conditions off the coast of Ireland. According to Frank Kowalski, Managing Director at Safehaven Marine, those are 50-knot winds the pilot boat is handling at the entrance to Cork Harbour in Ireland and are a good match to the rough conditions at the Bay of Biscay on Spain’s northern coast.

The Port of San Ciprian is located on Spain’s northern coast on the Bay of Biscay

The San Ciprano has now passed her rough weather sea trials and is due to be shipped overland soon where she is needed urgently to ensure essential pilotage to ships entering and departing the Port of San Ciprian.

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