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WATCH: Fairfield, CA – Looters use a forklift to smash into Best Buy

PortandTerminal.com, June 3, 2020

Why does everything bad that happens lately only seem to help Amazon make more money? Another brick-and-mortar business smashed by looters in California. This time, Best Buy.

FAIRFIELD, CA – Someone using a forklift as a ram smashed his way into a boarded-up Best Buy in Fairfield, California on Monday, June 1st during the looting in that community.

Police say there is some construction work going on on the mall property and they suspect that’s where they found the piece of machinery.

Police say about 12-20 businesses were damaged and/or looted Monday night by a roving group of criminals. They do not think the perpetrators live in Fairfield.

“We were able to get a lot of license plates and log those and it’s clear to us that these were all people who came from outside of town to take advantage of Fairfield,” said Lt. Jausiah Jacobsen in an interview with local ABC News.

He said they made one arrest.

Lt. Jacobsen said that it was not an organized protest in Fairfield on Monday. “These people were clearly here to cause havoc and terrorize, they were here to loot and damage. That’s what their intent was and what they were doing,” said Lt. Jacobsen.

The destroyed entranceway to the Best Buy
The destroyed entranceway to the Best Buy in Fairfield, CA after looters used a heavy forklift to smash their way into the retail store.

The damage broke the hearts of many residents. Many stopped by the Best Buy to see the damage in person. One resident even wanted to help clean up.

“I’ve got my broom and dustbin. This is my town. I was born and raised here,” said Cesar Gomez as he wiped away tears.

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