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WATCH: Container ship destroys crane at Port of Antwerp during storm

PortandTerminal.com, December 10, 2019

A container ship destroyed a huge container crane after the vessel broke loose from its mooring and crashed into the structure in the Belgian Port of Antwerp. 

ANTWERP, BELGIUM – On Monday afternoon, the container ship APL Mexico City struck the gantry of a container crane at the Port of Antwerp, causing the crane to collapse. 

A close up photo of the container ship APL Mexico City fully laden with containers with a line from it bow showing that it is being towed.
APL Mexico City

The vessel is reported to have drifted from its mooring at the dock in Belgium. Weather conditions at the time were stormy with wind speeds of 40 knots and gusts of 45 which caused the vessel to break away.

View from windows of a ship showing a destroyed container crane lying on the ground partly in the water near the side of a container ship with the letters APL on the side.
Workers on another boat film the horrifying crash and are seen using radios to report the collision

Footage shows the 171 ft crane crumble from the impact before smashing into the sea as the carrier continues to drift away from the dock.  The crane had been installed last year as part as a major upgrade to facilitate the handling of larger container vessels.

The video shows the crane collapse into the sea which damaged the quay and APL Mexico.  No injuries were reported in the collision and the area around the dock was evacuated.

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