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WATCH: Another close call by a cruise ship in Venice.

PortandTerminal.com, July 9, 2019

A cruise ship veered very close to the esplanade when it passed through a canal in Venice during stormy weather on Sunday. The incident sparked, yet again, a discussion about over tourism and safety for large cruises moving through Venice’s canals.

VENICE – A cruise liner came close to crashing into a dock in Venice on Sunday as it was buffeted by a storm, the latest incident to spark calls for mega ships to be banned from the fragile Venetian lagoon.

“We saw her coming almost on top of us”

In a near-miss captured on video by YouTube user Roberto Ferrucci, the Costa Deliziosa, a 12-deck cruise ship with capacity for near 3,000 people, can be seen swerving alarmingly close to land and other boats in the middle of a thunderstorm while sounding its long emergency horn.

Vessel tracking imagery shows just how dangerously close the cruise ship Costa Deliziosa came to disaster

The close call occurred while the ship was being guided out of port by tug boats along the Giudecca Canal. “We saw her coming almost on top of us,” one witness, Alberto Peratoner, told the Ansa news agency.

“It was at the moment when the storm was at its most intense… [The ship] was having visible difficulty manoeuvring and was heading for the San Biagio dock, veering slightly towards the Sette Martiri dock.”

A collision was only averted, Peratoner said, when one of the tugs pulled heavily to the right, away from shore, and managed to drag the liner clear.

Costa Cruises, the company that operates the Deliziosa, described the incident as a “detour” caused by “violent, extraordinary and sudden” bad weather.


Protesters waving banners saying “No Grandi Navi!” (No big ships) want an end to the large cruise ships in Venice

The incident comes only a month after the cruise ship MSC Opera collided with a tourist boat on the Giudecca Canal in Venice, reigniting the debate on whether or not big cruise ships should be allowed in Venice’s canals.

Please, everyone, stop being so irresponsible as to book trips on these monstrous ships. Get the train to Venice and you get the fabulous experience seeing Venice open up before you without destroying it on the way.

Citizens took to social media to voice their concerns with the hashtag #NoGrandiNavi, saying that big cruise ships should no longer be allowed in Venice’s canals.

The mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, on Monday blamed the transport minister for failing to take action over the cruise ships that regularly tower over Venice.

“The time for waiting is over. We’re very angry. Enough of boats on St Mark’s and in the Giudecca Canal. Minister Toninelli should come here as soon as possible to tell citizens’ institutions about the results from the umpteenth check he ordered. Dear minister, how much longer do we have to wait?”, Brugnaro said in a statement.

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