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WARNING: Hackers using “Coronavirus” in email phishing/malware attacks

PortandTerminal.com, February 26, 2020

LONDON – It seems that every time there is a crisis in the world there are disgusting humans out there who will use it to their advantage. Here’s the latest example.

Hackers are using the coronavirus crisis to try and trick maritime industry people into clicking on phishing links in emails or deliver malware. Their goal, as always, is to compromise the vessels and/or parent companies.


Cybersecurity firm Red Sky Alliance identified one malicious email that tries to impersonate a Corona Virus advisory from the World Health Organization warning of vessels with infected crew.

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The subject line being used in the attack was “CORONA VIRUS / AFFECTED VESSEL TO AVOID“. The sending email in this attempted hack was World health organization – eurohealthycities@who.int.

This is just one example of hackers attempting to use the growing concern in the maritime community about COVID19, or the coronavirus, to attack industry organizations. There will surely be many more similar variations on this theme to come.

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