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VIDEO: Wild seal on London’s Thames River hitches a ride on boat

PortandTerminal.com, July 25, 2020

LONDON – If you’ve ever visited the Thames River running through London, England probably the last thing that springs to mind is that it would be home to seals.

In fact, the Thames Estuary is home to an estimated 3,500 thousand seals according to the Zoological Society of London – a number which has doubled since it carried out its first annual survey in 2013.

Case in point – check out the short video below taken last week by a rower on the Thames River who was surprised when a seal decided to hitch a ride on his boat.

Not only seals

The Thames Estuary is home to not only seals but also dolphins and even the occasional whale. Impressive for a river that was so polluted in the 1950s that it was declared biologically dead.

Aerial view of Thames River
While still struggling with pollution, microplastics are especially a problem, the Thames River has cleaned up its act since the 1950s when it was declared biologically dead. Today The Thames is home to more than 20 fish species that use the Thames as a nursery habitat. Marine species such as sea bass and flounder use it right in the city – past the Houses of Parliament.

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