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VIDEO: Storm surfing at the Port of Amsterdam

PortandTerminal.com, February 18, 2020

Is surfing at an industrial port harbor on your bucket list? Apparently it’s now a thing and a bunch of guys just did it at the Port of Amsterdam.

AMSTERDAM – Most normal people seek shelter from the type of gale-force winds that have been battering Northern Europe the past two weeks. But surfers aren’t like most normal people.

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The recent Storm Ciara, the one that shut down ports, cancelled flights and caused havoc across Europe two weeks ago, also created a once in a decade novelty surfing spot in the Port of Amsterdam.

Black and white photo of a guy surfing near a pier while wearing a dry suit.
Photo: https://www.carvemag.com/
Black and white photo of people standing on pier in front of container ship loaded with sea containers
Photo: https://www.carvemag.com/

A bunch of surfers who call themselves the Onshore Boys were out at the port doing their thing near one of the piers where the waves were breaking just right.

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“We can’t get more specific about the location,” said Jan Blaffert of Blue Magazine, who produced the video that accompanies this article. “The Dutch harbour crew is fucking gnarly. Either way, this place isn’t supposed to ever have waves and we got it quite chunky.

The Dutch Harbor crew have been called lots of things over the years. This is probably the first time they’ve been called “fu@king garly”. Thanks for the video guys!

Video credit: Cameraman: Tim Reinink Director: Jan Blaffert

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