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VIDEO: Seafoam engulfs streets of Spanish town after deadly storm

PortandTerminal.com, January 22, 2020

SPAIN’s weather has been heightened to an “extreme risk” as Storm Gloria has killed five and left thousands without power in parts of coastal Spain

TOSSA DE MAR, SPAIN – Massive waves crashed ashore in the Catalonia town of Tossa de Mar as a result of the lethal Storm Gloria bringing with them a deluge of seafoam, or marine foam, which is caused by the agitation of organic matter in seawater.

Woman in red parka tries to walk through street with waist high seafoam

The marine matter stuck to the walls of buildings as it engulfed the coastal town of Tossa de Mar on Monday. Storm Gloria has also brought heavy snow, freezing temperatures and strong winds to Spain, killing five people so far.

Port authorities estimated waves of 28 feet in Valencia on Monday, which they said was a record, while a Reuters witness said waves had been growing throughout the day, crashing on to Barcelona’s famous Barceloneta beach.

The storm surge on the east coast of Spain has swept 3km (two miles) inland, devastating rice paddies in the Ebro river delta south of Barcelona.

The storm has moved down the Mediterranean coast and is now hitting parts of France with incredible waves, snow and rain. Watch the waves in the second Tweet below crash up over the cliff along the Spanish coast and strike the homes up above.

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