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VIDEO: Massive explosion of a SpaceX Starship Prototype in Slow Motion

PortandTerminal.com, May 30, 2020

BOCA CHICA BEACH, TX  — A huge explosion followed by a sonic boom set off car alarms on the South Texas Gulf Coast during a failed test at SpaceX’s rocket testing launchpad near Boca Chica Beach, Texas.

Note! This is NOT the rocket that successfully took off yesterday with two astronauts to the Space Station. You can read about that story by clicking here.

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SpaceX’s latest Starship prototype exploded just after an engine test Friday (May 29), erupting in a dramatic fireball at the spaceflight company’s South Texas proving grounds. 

SpaceX is developing a 100-passenger spaceship called Starship and a giant rocket known as Super Heavy, which together constitutes the transportation system that Elon Musk thinks will bring Mars settlement within reach.

Explosion. Shockwave
Screengrab of footage taken about half a mile away of the explosion. Note the blast shockwave.

The blast yesterday was like a wave that shot into the sky and took a few seconds to reach onlookers who were watching from Highway 4, about half a mile away.

Here’s another angle of the blast. Check out the blast shockwave.

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