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Video: Ghost Ship Washes Ashore in Ireland during storm

Screenshot of Irish Coast Guard video showing the ghost ship snagged up on the rocks

A ghost ship with a sketchy past that has been drifting, abandoned for the past two years, just washed up onto the rocks off Ireland. Don’t you just love storms?

BALLYANDREEN, IRELAND – An abandoned ghost cargo ship ran aground in Ireland during Storm Dennis which has been battering the Irish coastline over the past few days.

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Efforts are being made to uncover who owns the ship, but for now, its new home is the coast of east Cork.

This is what is known. Much is not though. Here’s what is known.

The 253-foot MV Alta cargo ship, which is sailing under a Tanzanian flag, was spotted on the rocks in rough seas by a jogger yesterday (Feb. 16). It has been floating, abandoned for almost two years.

It’s not the first time that authorities have run across the vessel. Last September 2019 it was reported that the UK Royal Navy’s Devonport-based HMS Protector had come across the MV Alta in the Mid-Atlantic.

Prior to that sighting, the US Coast Guard also had a run-in with the cargo ship.

Apparently, the ship, which was built in 1976, became disabled while underway from Greece to Haiti in September 2018. The crew of 10 was reportedly stuck on the ship in the middle of the Atlantic for almost 20 days.

After several failed attempts to repair the ship, the crew sent out a distress call and was picked up by the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Confidence approximately 1,380 miles southeast of Bermuda. Why did the crew wait for 20 days before sending out a distress call? Good question.

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All of the crew were rescued, but efforts by marine sources to find out more threw up speculation that it may previously have been hijacked, at least once, if not twice over its lifetime.

So there you have it. The vessel has been floating, abandoned for almost two years and has just now washed up on the Irish coast.

Cork County Council in Ireland said that its environmental scientists have visited the grounding site and established that there is no visible pollution. There does however remain a mystery.

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