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VIDEO: ‘Disinfection tunnel’ introduced in French supermarket for 1st time

PortandTerminal.com, November 15, 2020

PARIS – “Reassuring”; “Protective”. These were the words of the first users of the new “disinfection tunnels” installed at a supermarket in France last week.

The disinfection tunnels have been installed last week at the entrance of a supermarket in Ajaccio on the French island of Corsica. Footage from November 12 shows shoppers passing through a blue-lit tunnel diffusing the disinfectant.

There’s also a temperature check. As they enter the unit, each customer takes her temperature by bringing the palm of her hand to an integrated infrared thermometer before passing through this blue-lit metallic airlock diffusing the disinfectant solution through micro-misters.

Do the units actually work?

Grocery store shoppers pass through a disinfection tunnel
Two “disinfection tunnels” were launched last week at a supermarket in France • © Pascal Pochard-Casabianca / AFP

Without question, the units work to reassure nervous shoppers and store employees that the store is doing its best to control the virus. The unit’s actual level of efficacy in killing the coronavirus though is unclear.

For the owner of the hypermarket, François Padrona, this installation reassures both customers and employees. “It’s very innovative, there have already been disinfection tunnels for shopping carts but not for people. This is the first installed in a supermarket in France,” he said.

At a cost of around $11,000 each, these gantry crane style units promise disinfection at three levels of any microbe, bacteria and virus: “by ultrasound, by ultraviolet light and by misting a hypochlorous solution”, explains Paul-Antoine Lanfranchi, director of the company Corse Chimie Industrie, which markets this equipment in Corsica.

“This is not the ultimate weapon,” says Lanfranchi. But it has a role “to limit the transmission of the virus” he added.

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