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VIDEO: Cruise passengers on suspected virus ship pepper-sprayed

Screen grab from TPI.it video showing black suited MSC security people wrestling a man to the ground last Thursday night.

PortandTerminal.com, March 1, 2020

MIAMI, FL – Tensions around the world are high over the seemingly unstoppable advance of the deadly coronavirus. Those tensions hit the boiling point last Thursday night on a cruise ship.

On February 27, late in the evening, a fight broke out on the MSC Meraviglia cruise ship, which had been denied permission to dock in several Caribbean ports this week over fears of coronavirus.

“You have abandoned us. Nobody wants us to get off.”

MSC Meraviglia passenger

Tensions were understandably high on the vessel due to the itinerary disruptions which kept the passengers bottled-up on the MSC ship.

Many passengers, including several hundred Italians, were concerned that they would be quarantined and not be able to return to Miami where the cruise originated and is scheduled to terminate, to catch their homeward-bound flights.

“We are afraid of ending up in quarantine, we would like to go back to Miami immediately, the situation is not the best here,”

MSC Meraviglia passenger

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At some point late Thursday night, at least two male passengers created a disturbance in a common area on the ship. Cause unknown. Too much alcohol? Too much stress over a possible quarantine? Or maybe a combination of both of these things.

Watch the commotion around the piano. The passenger who slams his beer bottle on it will later be pepper-sprayed in the next video below.

MSC says that crew musicians entertaining the guests were attacked and MSC security staff were forced to intervene. One passenger was videotaped being knocked to the ground by security staff and pepper-sprayed. The video below comes from an Italian news source TPI.it and shows the security people and passenger take the fight to the ground.

No audio. This is a screen capture from the Italian news source TPI.it

MSC Cruises issued the following public relations statements regarding the fight on board their vessel:

” . . . the video can be misunderstood . . . Unfortunately, two drunk guests became aggressive and violent towards some crew musicians who were entertaining all the people in the ship’s lobby. Once on the scene, the members of the security service were forced to use a minimum of force necessary to calm the two guests in question, with whom the matter was subsequently clarified and resolved in a peaceful and serene way. ”

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