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VIDEO: Cargo ship comes loose crushing boats and homes in Indonesia

PortandTerminal.com, October 6, 2020

JAKARTA, INDONESIA – This is the terrifying moment a huge cargo ship was blown into homes in Indonesia.

The vessel was moored along the Barito River in South Kalimantan province when there were sudden gusts of wind on Thursday (October 1).

Several ships that were docked there smashed against each other and the ropes that were securing the two huge barges snapped.

The loose barges crushed smaller fishing boats before plowing into the wooden stilt houses near the banks of the river.

No one was reported injured but at least three houses were damaged and several boats needed repairs after the violent winds battered the area.

Footage shows the moment one of the barges crashed into the homes and the aftermath from the accident.

Dading Kalbu Adie, head of the region’s Air and Water Police Unit, said they immediately deployed a navy ship to tow the barges away from the houses.

He said: ”It was really tense. The ship was going out of control until it hit houses and several ships.

“We are still estimating the damage, but the two barges had been removed from the banks.”

The barges were taken to a private mooring in nearby Alalak Island while the other private vessels were taken by owners for repair.

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