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VIDEO: California kayaker engulfed in a whale’s mouth

“I’ve learned my lesson, big time”

A kayaker in Calfornia says she learned an important lesson after she and her friend ended up in a humpback’s mouth: “Whales need their space.”

Two women were kayaking together in California’s San Luis Obispo Bay on Monday morning, watching the whales feed on silverfish, when one of the massive sea creatures surfaced beneath them, toppling their kayak and knocking them into the water. 

Videos and photos from other kayakers and paddlers appear to show the women and their kayak being momentarily engulfed in the whale’s mouth — though the two friends say it all happened too fast for them to be sure. 

“It’s definitely woke me up to the realization that, you know, our place is not in the feeding zone of whales,” Julie McSorley, one of the kayakers, told CBC As It Happens host Carol Off. 

“We didn’t think we were that close, but we definitely were right in the area that we shouldn’t have been — so I’ve learned my lesson, big time.”

With reporting by CBC Canada

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