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THIS IS YOUR BRAIN: Maersk unveils bold new advertising campaign

PortandTerminal.com, July 18, 2019

“Who survives? The one who adapts, or the one who never changes?” Maersk unveils a bold new advertising campaign that outlines their vision for the future and the size of the transformation their CEO Søren Skou is planning for the company.

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – Maersk has launched a bold, exciting new advertising campaign.

The first video is called “This is your brain”. It’s 3 minutes long, provocative and exceptionally well produced.

Reactions on social media to the campaign

“What an amazing commercial for a logistics company!! Wish there would be more creative heads in this industry like these. Awesome job!”

Hmmm. I like how we are taken on a journey. Yes some might not understand until they travel all the way. The pun in it, wow this is brilliant.

Congratulations on the message. I hope many will wake up to the obvious that we ignore… this time.

Bold & powerful message.

If I do, will you meet me half-way?

This is your brain” (3:00)

“If I do, will you meet me half-way?


If you’ve watched the video above then you knew the answer already. Maersk has announced an epic leap forward for the company. This is a very personal advertising campaign for CEO Søren Skou.

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