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The zero-emission superyacht concept the world needs

PortandTerminal.com, January 15, 2020

LONDON, ENGLAND – Researchers estimate that there are about three hundred superyachts in operation around the world. Collectively they produce as much CO2 as some countries and are a massive source of pollution as well. It is estimated that taken together, the world’s superyachts consume over a million barrels of oil annually.

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With a view to satisfying the world’s uberwealthy’s desire for yachts while reducing their carbon footprint, a London-based design studio has just unveiled a zero-emission, stunning superyacht concept that will be powered entirely by the wind.

Design studio Philippe Briand’s 200-foot vessel, known as the SY200, will be completely self-sufficient in terms of energy and promises a true zero-emission sailing experience.

The eco-conscious mechanics take a two-pronged approach: The sails harness power from the wind—generating up to 2,000 kW in optimum conditions—while the underwater turbines capture kinetic energy as the vessel moves through the sea. The superyacht is capable of generating 500kW when sailing at 15 knots and 200kW at a more leisurely 12 knots—that’s more than enough to meet the power demands onboard. Best of all, the energy is stored in a 20-tonne battery bank that would allow the SY200 to be powered silently while docked.

Artist's drawing of a 200 foot, wind powered superyacht from the perspective of the stern's looking forward
Artist's drawing of a 200 foot, wind powered superyacht
Artist's drawing of a 200 foot, wind powered superyacht from the perspective of the stern's looking forward

While the SY200 packs the high-performance punch of a racing yacht, it also displays the dynamic design and striking lines of a luxury superyacht. A sloop sailing rig complements the contemporary hull with its slightly inverted bow while a gigantic skylight—which spans 80 percent of the yacht’s length—provides swathes of natural light, as well as a unique upward view to the carbon fiber mast above.

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The interiors can be customized to an owner’s needs, but the initial layout sees four generously proportioned guest cabins and a full-beam owner’s suite with his-and-hers bathrooms, an office and a private terrace featuring a Jacuzzi and direct access to the ocean. On the lower deck, there’s accommodation for up to 12 crew.

The SY200 is the second concept from Philippe Briand’s new line of self-sufficient performance yachts and follows in the footsteps of its 300-foot big sister, the SY300.

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