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Black and white photo of the fitness facility onboard the Titanic showing a man using the rowing machine.

Maritime Image of the Day: “The Titanic’s Gym”

PortandTerminal.com, December 9, 2019

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA – It seems that there is a never-ending fascination with all things related to the Titanic. The latest discovery for us was that first-class passengers on the Titanic had access to some pretty amazing fitness facilities. Today’s “Maritime Image of the Day” is of the gym onboard the ill-fated cruise liner.

Colorized photo of Titanic’s onboard gymnasium

The gym, pictured above in a colorized black-and-white photo, featured the 1912 versions of equipment that will be familiar to modern-day gym-goers. The various pieces of equipment included stationary bikes and rowing machines, which in retrospect was pretty smart planning getting survivors ready for what lay ahead of them in the life boats. The Titanic was not alone in offering wealthy passengers fitness facilities such as these. Other major cruise lines did as well.

Here’s another photo of the gym with the characters Jack and Rose stealing a moment together as it was featured in director James Cameron’s movie “Titanic” from 1997.

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