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270 Whales Stranded On Sandbar Off Australia’s Tasmania

Stranded pilot whales

PortandTerminal.com, September 21, 2020 SYDNEY (Reuters) – Marine biologists were planning the rescue of around 270 whales stranded on a sandbar off the remote west coast of the Australian island of Tasmania on Monday. Government scientists said it appeared that at least 25 of the animals, believed to be pilot whales, had already died. Pilot whales are a species of …

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A pod of killer whales is launching coordinated attacks on boats

Killer whales under water

PortandTerminal.com, September 13, 2020 A series of orca attacks on sailboats along the coast of Spain and Portugal has left scientists baffled | Witness says the attack felt “totally orchestrated” 2020 has brought us a pandemic, out of control wildfires, murder hornets and now killer whale attacks on boats. Killer whales have been “attacking” sailing boats off the coasts of Spain and …

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VIDEO: Air-borne dolphin breaches 10-feet into air for kicks

Screen grab. Dolphin breaching

PortandTerminal.com, August 27, 2020 LOS ANGELES – A bottlenose dolphin was seen leaping 10-feet high into the air next to a boat off the Southern Californian coast. The footage, filmed on August 19 by Newport Coastal Adventure, shows the dolphin breaching several metres clear of the water’s surface. The filmer told Newsflare: “These dolphins are extremely intelligent, and often will …

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VIDEO: Hundreds of Dolphins Filmed in Rare “Stampede” off California

Screen grab. Dolphins stampede.

PortandTerminal.com, August 12, 2020 LOS ANGELES – A whale watching tour got their money’s worth when they witnessed a pod of around 300 common dolphins stampeding off the coast of Dana Point, California. Dolphin stampede behavior can be described as porpoising out of the water at a high rate of speed. Porpoising is the fastest mode of travel for dolphins …

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Maritime Image of the Day: “Whale Hunting in America”

PortandTerminal.com, December 4, 2019 HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA – Today’s Maritime Image of the Day, “Whale Hunting in America” was taken at the whale-bone processing yard of the Pacific Steam Whaling Company in San Francisco in the late 19th century. It shows harvested whale-bone drying on their docks. Whale-bone was a valuable commodity in its day. The thicker parts of the whale-bone plates …

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Slow down ‘eh! MSC ship fined for violating speed limit in Canada

PortandTerminal.com, August 13, 2019 MONTREAL, CANADA – Transport Canada has issued a CAD 12,000 (about USD 9,000) penalty to a containership operated by Swiss Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) and five other fines to vessels for non-compliance with the temporary mandatory slow down in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Another right whale found dead in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Eight …

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