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A closer look at the drone Iran shot down last week

PortandTerminal.com, June 22, 2019 On Thursday Iran’s military shot down an American drone over the Strait of Hormuz. Iran identified the drone as an RQ-4A Global Hawk, a $110 million UAV that acts as a massive maritime surveillance platform in the sky.  This week Iran downed an American military drone outside, near or in Iranian airspace depending upon who you listen to. The drone …

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Watch: DroneBullet is a kamikaze drone that knocks enemy drones out of the sky

PortandTerminal.com, May 7, 2019 Canadian start-up AerialX has developed the DroneBullet, a UAV that is designed to knock threatening drones out of the sky Drones represent the ultimate tool for asymmetric guerrilla warfare, capable of letting single bad actors confound much larger, more sophisticated organizations. Drone sighting near Gatwick Airport in 2018 forced its closure and caused the delay of …

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