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Japan to Pay at Least $536 Million for Companies to Leave China

Chinese flag. Japanese flag.

BLOOMBERG, JULY 18, 2020 BLOOMBERG NEWS – Japan’s government will start paying its companies to move factories out of China and back home or to Southeast Asia, part of a new program to secure supply chains and reduce dependence on manufacturing in China. Fifty-seven companies including privately-held facemask-maker Iris Ohyama Inc. and Sharp Corp. will receive a total of 57.4 billion yen ($536 million) …

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Foxconn to invest $1 billion in India to move iPhone production from China

Factory workers. Foxconn binders

PortandTerminal.com, July 11, 2020 Foxconn investing $1 billion to expand its production in India | Move comes from “a strong request from Apple.” NEW DELHI –  Foxconn, the Taiwanese electronic contract manufacturer, which assembles Apple iPhones is reportedly planning to invest up to $1 billion in India as repositions some its production. Apple has been rumored to be working on …

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SUPPLY CHAIN: Europe Finds It’s Not So Easy to Say Goodbye to Low-Cost China

Container ship

BLOOMBERG, JUNE 30, 2020 EU seeks ‘strategic autonomy’ after pandemic exposed risks | Germany is also working on its own supply-chain strategy By Flavia Rotondi, Piotr Skolimowski, Jeannette Neumann, and Joao Lima for Bloomberg European leaders talk of shortening supply chains and curbing China’s “Belt and Road” plan. But on the ground in Italy, Gimmi Baldinini says his designer footwear company is in no …

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Supply chain: Urged by Trump to decouple, US companies want more China faster

Container ship

BLOOMBERG, JUNE 28, 2020 Brendan Murray, Bloomberg News – Just as the U.S. president urges American companies to ditch China, many of them can’t get more of China fast enough. Consider the voyage of the container ship Melina, which set sail Wednesday from a Chinese port near Shenzhen with products bound for U.S. households, a hulking symbol of how the flow of goods is adapting …

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Barr Says U.S. Businesses ‘Part of Problem’ in Battling China

Container yard. Truck

BLOOMBERG, JUNE 21, 2020 Urges companies to take ‘national view’ and strengthen U.S. | Trump’s attorney general reiterates Huawei 5G as key threat By Tony Czuczka for Bloomberg – Attorney General William Barr said some U.S. businesses are helping China in the race for economic and technological dominance by putting their own earnings above the national interest. Without naming any company, …

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U.S. looks at paying companies to pull their supply chains from China

U.S. President Donald Trump looks at an assembly line

REUTERS, MAY 18, 2020 Idea of a “reshoring fund” stocked with $25 billion – to encourage U.S. companies to drastically revamp their relationship with China being discussed WASHINGTON – U.S. lawmakers and officials are crafting proposals to push American companies to move operations or key suppliers out of China that include tax breaks, new rules, and carefully structured subsidies. Interviews …

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The Second Virus Shockwave Is Hitting China’s Factories Already

Employees work on an air conditioner production line at a Midea factory in Wuhan, March 25.Photographer: AFP via Getty Images

BLOOMBERG, March 27, 2020 European, U.S. firms canceling orders and delaying payment | China looking at 10% export contraction in 2020: Macquarie By Jinshan Hong and Lin Zhu for Bloomberg – ​Since last week, emails from foreign clients have been flooding into export manager Grace Gao’s in-box, asking to delay orders already made, putting goods ready to be shipped on hold until further …

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Western supply chains buckle as coronavirus lockdowns spread

White cargo truck stopped by police who are wearing protective surgical masks

REUTERS, March 23, 2020 LONDON/MADRID/LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Freight carriers are struggling to deliver goods by land, sea or air as the coronavirus pandemic forces Western governments to impose lockdowns, threatening supplies of vital products including medicines into the most affected areas, such as Italy. While China’s draconian steps to stop the spread of the virus are now allowing its …

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Supply Chain: Kraft Heinz talks with Amazon, Walmart daily to speed food deliveries

Close up on bottles of Heinz Ketchup on shelf

REUTERS, March 20, 2020 LONDON (Reuters) – Kraft Heinz speaks daily with Amazon.com and Walmart Inc, hoping to speed up deliveries as customers worldwide stay home and shop online to protect themselves from the COVID-19 pandemic, Kraft Heinz’s CEO said on Friday. Kraft Heinz, which makes packaged food products from Planters peanuts to Heinz Ketchup, is among several major food …

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