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Decomposed bodies of 7 stowaways found in a container

Shipping container. Bags of fertilizer

PortandTerminal.com, October 25, 2020 Authorities in Paraguay have found at least seven badly decomposed adult bodies inside a shipment of fertilizer that left Serbia three months ago. ASUNCION, PARAGUAY – The decomposed bodies of seven ‘stowaways’ with enough food to last just 72 hours have been found in a shipping container in Paraguay after it left Serbia three months ago. The container …

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STOWAWAYS: The spiders are usually ok. The snakes can kill you though

PortandTerminal.com, October 6, 2019 Every now and again unwanted critters such as snakes and spiders make their way onto cargo ships and are delivered thousands of miles away to unsuspecting consumers. Saw-scaled vipers” are responsible for causing the most snakebite cases and deaths in the world In 2012, the deadliest snake in the world, the saw-scaled viper was found curled up in …

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Murder on the high seas: The Maersk Dubai incident

PortandTerminal.com, March 7, 2019 Halifax, Canada – In 1996 eight Filipino crewmen and one terrified Romanian stowaway disembarked from the Maersk Dubai when it docked at Halifax, Nova Scotia. All nine of the men feared for their lives and wanted to put as much distance between themselves and the Maersk Dubai’s Taiwanese officers as they could. Shortly after the vessel …

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