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This is the world’s oldest known boat: The Pesse Canoe

PortandTerminal.com, November 23, 2019 ASSEN, NETHERLANDS – In 1955 the Pesse Canoe was found by a local farmer in the Netherlands during highway construction. It is the oldest boat ever discovered, and certainly the oldest known canoe. Carbon dating indicates that the boat is about 10,000 years old and was constructed during the early Mesolithic period between 8040 BCE and …

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How many shipwrecks are there in the world?


PortandTerminal.com, September 11, 2019 In all, it’s estimated that, beneath Earth’s waters, there are 3 million shipwrecks. The oldest include 10,000-year-old canoes while the newest are 21st-century shipwrecks like the Indonesian bulker that sank 18 days ago and has yet to be found. It is estimated that less than one percent of the world’s shipwrecks have even been explored. Most …

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