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Salmon May Harbor Infectious Coronavirus For a Week – Study

Salmon. Blue background

BLOOMBERG, SEPTEMBER 8, 2020 Fish may be a source of SARS-CoV-2 infections, scientists say | Virus may remain viable 8 days at near-freezing temperatures By Jason Gale for Bloomberg – Coronavirus lingering on chilled salmon may be infectious for more than a week, according to researchers in China, where imported fish have been investigated as a potential source of infections. Researchers …

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Chinese City to Halt Frozen Seafood, Meat Imports on Virus Worry

Frozen meat

BLOOMBERG, AUGUST 17, 2020 Order comes after nearby Shenzhen found virus on chicken wings | Virus expert says no major problem as long as food cooked well The Cold Chain Association of China’s southern coastal city of Guangzhou ordered all member companies to suspend imports of frozen meat and seafood from coronavirus-hit areas, the city’s Internet Information Office said on its official …

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Chinese Ports Hit Capacity as Virus Tests Slow Clearing – Shippers

Container depot. Truck.

REUTERS, JULY 17, 2020 BEIJING, July 17 (Reuters) – Testing of imported foods for the new coronavirus is pushing capacity at some major Chinese ports to their limit, major shippers told customers this week, warning of additional fees and possible diversions to other ports. China stepped up inspections of imported food last month after an outbreak of the coronavirus among …

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China’s Virus-Safety Demand Is Latest Hurdle to Trade Deal

BLOOMBERG, JUNE 25, 2020 The move comes even as the world’s major public health authorities say the virus isn’t foodborne, raising questions over why China is taking the action. By Isis Almeida, Michael Hirtzer, Tatiana Freitas and Mike Dorning for Bloomberg — The U.S.-China trade deal has just suffered a new setback. China wants international shippers of meat and soybeans to …

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China Port Testing Threatens to Derail Global Meat Shipments

Testing meat

BLOOMBERG, JUNE 18, 2020 China has started testing all imported meat for coronavirus | Nation’s pig herd has been recovering faster than expected By Michael Hirtzer for Bloomberg – China’s move to test imported meat for the novel coronavirus is threatening to snarl trade with the world’s largest pork consumer, hurting livestock farmers who had seen booming shipments of pork and …

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Supply: As U.S. meat workers fall sick and supplies dwindle, exports to China soar

Asian women at meat market

REUTERS, MAY 11, 2020 CHICAGO (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump ordered meat processing plants to stay open to protect the nation’s food supply even as workers got sick and died. Yet the plants have increasingly been exporting to China while U.S. consumers face shortages, a Reuters analysis of government data showed. Trump, who is in an acrimonious public dispute …

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