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What Are The Most Dangerous Waters in the World Today?

Turkish warship. Flag. Officers on deck

BLOOMBERG, SEPTEMBER 5, 2020 By Admiral James Stavridis for Bloomberg – As a Greek-American who lived in Athens for three years, and as a U.S. Navy mariner, I got to know the eastern Mediterranean well. It has been a strategic crossroads throughout history for Greeks, Persians, Egyptians, Jews, Phoenicians, Romans, Crusaders and more modern sea warriors. Admiral James Stavridis Whenever I’ve sailed the waters, during …

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Army forces closure of eastern oil ports in Libya

Libyan National Army (LNA) members, commanded by Khalifa Haftar, head out towards Tripoli. Image shows armed men on back of truck with heavy weapon mounted

PortandTerminal.com, January 18, 2020 Libyan National Oil Corporation declares ‘state of emergency’ after Haftar’s forces close eastern oil ports BENGHAZI, LIBYA – Libya’s national oil company has declared a “state of emergency” after exports of its oil from the ports in the eastern part of the country were blocked by forces loyal to the Libyan National Army’s General Khalifa Haftar. The …

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