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What Are The Most Dangerous Waters in the World Today?

Turkish warship. Flag. Officers on deck

BLOOMBERG, SEPTEMBER 5, 2020 By Admiral James Stavridis for Bloomberg – As a Greek-American who lived in Athens for three years, and as a U.S. Navy mariner, I got to know the eastern Mediterranean well. It has been a strategic crossroads throughout history for Greeks, Persians, Egyptians, Jews, Phoenicians, Romans, Crusaders and more modern sea warriors. Admiral James Stavridis Whenever I’ve sailed the waters, during …

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France-Turkey tensions mount after NATO naval incident. What’s going on?

French naval frigate Le Courbet

REUTERS, JULY 7, 2020 French naval frigate harassed by Turkish navy vessels escorting cargo ship suspected of arms smuggling | Both countries NATO members | Turkey’s close relationship with Russia troubling other NATO members including U.S. PARIS/BRUSSELS – For France, it was the final straw. For Turkey, it was a misunderstanding. For NATO, it could be a turning point. The …

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