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VIDEO: What did they really look like? Roman boats rendered in realistic 3D

Ancient Roman fresco showing fishermen

PortandTerminal.com, June 25, 2020 A team of researchers from Italy and France has made realistic 3D reconstructions of three wooden boats from the ancient Roman port of Ostia. ROME – The Port of Ostia Antica was founded at the mouth of the Tiber in the 7th century BC by King Ancus Marciusto to protect Rome from attacks coming via the sea. Today the ancient …

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Ancient Roman cargo ship discovered with “perfectly preserved” cargo intact

PortandTerminal.com, October 5, 2019 Incredible footage reveals more than 100 ‘perfectly preserved’ Roman amphorae used to store olive oil and wine in a 1,700-year-old shipwreck off the coast of Majorca MAJORCA – Incredible footage reveals a Roman shipwreck containing more than 100 perfectly preserved amphorae that underwater archaeologists are painstakingly recovering. The wreck — which experts have dated back to …

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