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SURVEY: Logistics CEOs are seriously worried about startups disrupting their business

“These disruptors are impacting logistics globally and are clearly a threat to legacy logistics companies” (PwC)

PortandTerminal.com, August 28, 2019

CEO’s at Transportation & Logistics (T&L) are feeling seriously threatened by the onslaught of startups that are trying to disrupt business as usual in their industry.

That’s according to Price Waterhouse Cooper (PWC) who recently published their Transportation and logistics trends 2019. The publication is part of PwC’s respected 22nd Annual Global CEO Survey trends series.

Digital startups challenge the industry

How worried are Transportation & Logistics CEOs?

Only 29 percent of CEOs in the entire sector are confident in revenue growth at their own companies for the next 12 months, the lowest level in five years. In comparison, this figure was 45 percent at the same time last year, according to the annual Global CEO Survey by consultancy firm PwC questioning the global industry’s top executives.

The survey found that the rise in digitization is a direct cause for concern and increased pessimism among CEOs in the transport and logistics sector.

If they don’t get on the level of the digital development, it might prove very difficult to survive in the business in a few years


“The pace of innovation and the uncertainty it brings — including the threat of new competitors — explains why T&L CEOs are less than sanguine this year about the immediate future,” writes PwC in a report on the survey.

The entire PwC Transportation and logistics trends 2019 survey can be downloaded below.

About the survey

In PwC’s 22nd Global CEO Survey, 3,200 interviews were conducted with CEOs across 90 countries during the fourth quarter of 2018. There were 143 respondents from the transport and logistics sector. 14 percent of these reported an annual revenue over USD 1 billion, of which revenue at 2 percent exceeded USD 10 billion. (Source: PwC)

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