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“Stay The Hell Away From Us!” Polite Canadians Blast US Call To Reopen Border

PortandTerminal.com, October 6, 2020

Canadians were uncharacteristically impolite in response to calls to reopen US/Canadian border | “Low risk to US. High risks to us. Thanks, but no thanks”

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA – Senator Susan Collins was joined by her colleagues in Maine and New Hampshire Senator today calling for the White House to reevaluate its closure of the US/Canadian border.

The border is currently closed to all but essential travel until October 21st. The expectation in Canada is that the border will remain closed until at least the end of this year.

What that means in practice is United States citizens can only travel to Canada for an essential reason. Essential travel includes trade shipments through railways and trucks as well as people crossing the border to carry out essential work such as medical professionals who live on one side of the border and work on the other.

“Stay the hell away from us…we have things pretty much under control…it’s not up to you to re-evaluate” (Twitter)

Senator Collins and her colleagues rightly argue that the border closure hurts many families and small businesses in their states. Collins tweeted today urging that the Administration reevaluate the current restrictions.

The Canadian government acknowledges the hardship the border closure has caused many people. Last week they announced that Canada would ease the current cross-border travel policies on family reunification, expanding who will be allowed into Canada. Any move beyond that though is off the cards for now.

Canadians terrified of reopening border

After hockey, there is no topic that unites Canadians more than the need to keep the US/Canada border firmly shut for now. While parts of Canada are seeing a second wave in coronavirus infections, the provinces bordering Maine to the east are terrified of reopening the shared border.

“Canada has no interest in re-evaluating those restrictions. Nova Scotia doesn’t even let other Canadians in yet.” (Twitter)

To its east, Maine borders with New Brunswick which has been relatively untouched by coronavirus infections thanks to an “Atlantic Bubble” that has shut down travel from the rest of Canada to its easternmost provinces on the coast. Canada’s Atlantic provinces have fewer active cases of COVID-19 than “poster child” New Zealand at this time.

“On behalf of all Canadians…and specifically the “Atlantic Bubble”….this is a hard no!”


The province of Quebec on Maine’s western border is a different story. Quebec is experiencing a second wave of virus infections that are shutting down its schools, bars and restaurants once again. Why Maine would want to open its border with Quebec is illogical from a health perspective given the data.


Canadians are famously polite people. But not when it comes to reopening the US/Canada border. Here’s a sampling of Twitter feedback to Senator Collins’ call to reopen it.

“Canadians want it closed until the #TrumpVirus is gone.”

“No no and no. Come back in January 2021 and ask again.”

“We do not want the border open until things are under control in the US and people take it seriously”

Absolutely not until a vaccine is distributed or a new administration is in office. My employment depends on the border being open, but keeping Canada safe is much more important.

“If your apartment was above a meth lab you’d probably make sure your windows and doors were locked. Same same.”

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