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Smoking kills, seatbelts save lives and cruising during a pandemic is still unwise

Paul Gauguin at the pier in Papeete (file image courtesy Paul Gauguin Cruises)

PortandTerminal.com, August 3, 2020

Cruising during a pandemic is dangerous. Do the 340 passengers now stuck on board a cruise ship in Tahiti also need to be reminded that smoking kills and seatbelts save lives?

TAHITI – Cruise companies keep trying to restart cruising and COVID-19 outbreaks onboard keep fouling their plans.

The latest news from AP is that around 340 passengers are confined to their rooms on a cruise ship in Tahiti after one traveler tested positive for coronavirus, the commissariat for French Polynesia said late Sunday.

All those aboard the Paul Gauguin cruise ship are being tested, and will be kept in their cabins pending the results, it said in a statement.

The South Pacific archipelago started reopening to tourists last month and required that all visitors get tested before arriving and test themselves four days after entering the territory.

A passenger aboard the Paul Gauguin reported a positive self-test last week, and a second test carried out by medics confirmed the infection Sunday, the statements said.

We understand that cruise companies are desperate to get underway again – many in the industry are just barely hanging on. Some smaller companies are going bankrupt.

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What are the passengers on board the Paul Gauguin thinking though? How can they be so foolhardy given all that has happened over the past 6 months? Must they also be reminded that smoking is still bad for you and seatbelts should be fastened while driving?

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