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SEEMS OBVIOUS: Bow Wind-Shield on container ships a great idea

PortandTerminal.com, November 17, 2019

Why not put a windshield on a container ship to cut down on drag and improve fuel efficiency? The innovation is surprising in its simplicity and the fact that it hasn’t already been done before.

The idea seems so simple. You can just imagine someone driving down the street, looking through the windshield of their car, and saying, “Why don’t we put one of these on our container ships?”

Jared Vineyard, Universal Cargo

The ocean carrier Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) tested a windshield on a container ship and found that it saved fuel and reduced CO2 emissions.

This newly developed Bow Wind-Shield reduces the wind resistance on the hull body while the ship is running, and it is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by about 2–4%.

The shipping line MOL developed and installed bow windshield on an existing middle-size containership in 2015, and confirmed that it reduced CO2 emissions by about 2% in real-running conditions in 2017.

MOL announced this week that it has now ramped up its bow wind-shield designs for larger boxships. Together with Samsung Heavy Industries, MOL has received an approval in principle for its latest large Bow Wind-Shield.

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