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Protestors block ports across France

Protestors hang a banner across the gates of the Port of Nantes to announce its closure/barricade

PortandTerminal.com, December 12, 2019

Demonstrators have blocked access to French ports, including the largest container port in the country in Le Havre.

LE HAVRE, FRANCE – FRANCE has erupted into furious protests again after its President Emmanuel Macron refused to back down over his proposed pension reforms yesterday.

Protestors have blocked access to French ports, including the largest container port in the country in Le Havre. The ports of Marseille and La Rochelle are also blocked by protesters.

Trains or trucks can no longer enter or leave the port of La Rochelle, the authorities said. Since 5 December there have been demonstrations against reform plans throughout the country.

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The left-radical CGT trade union has called for actions to demonstrate against the government’s plans to reform the pension system. According to the police, there are more than a thousand demonstrators on the move. An employee of the union said that the entire port is standing still and that there are more than 5000 demonstrators.

Translation: The industrial zone at the Port of Le Havre is blocked by protestors

Many French fear that as a result they will retire later and receive less in pension payments than is currently the case.

Workers across several sectors have been taking part nine the nationwide strikes, including teachers, doctors, nurses, railway personnel, actors and rubbish collectors.

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