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President Trump Contaminates Swab Factory By Refusing To Wear A Mask

Trump contaminates swab factory by not wearing a mask

PortandTerminal.com, June 6, 2020

The Maine swab factory that President Trump visited said that they will have to throw away everything produced while he was there because he didn’t wear a mask.

GUILFORD, ME – President Trump visited Maine on Friday and toured the Puritan Medical Products facility in Guilford. It was a big day for the small town, and for one of Maine’s oldest businesses and major employers.

President Trump toured the production line wearing no mask or protective gear and even put a swab near his nose.

“I shouldn’t tell you this, but I use it every other day,” Trump later admitted to the workers during his speech.

According to USA Today, the company will ultimately be throwing out the swabs that were being manufactured during his visit.

The reason is simple. Puritan Medical sells a product that it guarantees to be sterile to the hospitals and medical facilities that purchase it. President Trump contaminated a sterile production area and voided that promise to its customers.

The company described its manufacturing plans for Friday as “limited” – but the disruption comes as public health officials in Maine and other states have complained that a shortage of swabs has hampered their ability to massively scale up coronavirus testing.

Workers in white lab coats, hair nets and plastic booties worked at machines making swabs while the president walked through the room. Trump, who did not wear a mask for the visit, stopped at one point to talk with some of the workers.

The nation is still in the midst of a swab shortage that is limiting the capacity of coronavirus testing, so any number of swabs that were thrown away equal a delay in sick Americans not getting tested because Donald Trump refuses to wear a mask.

President Trump doesn’t have a health reason for not wearing a mask. He is on record saying that he doesn’t want to wear a mask because he thinks he will look bad and weak if he follows safety measures.

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