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Port of Wilmington: Would you want to live by this port traffic?

PortandTerminal.com, November 19, 2019

Long-suffering residents of a street near the Port of Wilmington may finally be able to move on.

BALTIMORE, MD – Homeowners who no longer know the meaning of the word quiet may finally get some peace–but they’ll have to move to get it. The possible buyout of residents on a street near the Port of Wilmington is moving forward.

Winnie Richards stands in the driveway of a neighbor on Pyles Lane in New Castle and watches trucks drive past. “Imagine that at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning,” she says, as one rumbles past. 

Residents of Pyles Lane, a street nestled between the Hamilton Park neighborhood and the Delaware River Industrial Park near the Port of Wilmington, have long complained of truck traffic related to the Port degrading their quality of life. 

Now it seems as if they may be able to literally move on.

This year’s state Bond Bill authorizes— and encourages — DelDOT to buy out ten residential parcels there at “fair market value.” The buyout is voluntary, and DelDOT says residents will not be forced to sell. 

Pyles Lane sits literally next door to the Port of Wilmington

One resident said that her century-old home is seeing cracks in the drywall and the foundation due to truck traffic all day long. She likened it to an earthquake.

DelDOT said seven out of 10 homeowners have agreed to sell; the next step in the process is appraisals, then offers will be made.

Ten residential properties along the busy Pyles Lane have been approved by DelDOT for buyout.

State Rep. Frank Cooke signed the first letters that went to residents this month. “I’m just encouraged by this movement,” he said. “I hope that the residents will be able to feel some type of relief that’s coming their way.” Cooke adds he hopes for full participation in the buyout. 

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