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Port of Olympia auctioning off seized ferry if debts aren’t paid by June 25th

PortandTerminal.com, June 15, 2020

OLYMPIA, WA – The Port of Olympia is a step closer to becoming the owner of a former Washington state ferry known as the Evergreen State.

That’s according to an update on the ferry the port commission received last week from marine terminal director Len Faucher. The 300-foot ferry has been moored at the port for two years The Olympian is reporting.

Car ferry at sea.
The MV Evergreen State is a decommissioned Evergreen State-class ferry that was operated by Washington State Ferries from 1954 to 2015.

Greg Jones, the ferry’s owner who reportedly operates a business on the East Coast known as Jones Broadcasting, made his last payment to the port in early January, Faucher said. The port later issued a notice of delinquency and seized the vessel on Feb. 25.

Jones bought the 87-car Evergreen State ferry from the state for $300,000. He had plans to turn it into a cargo ferry in the Caribbean and then wanted to make it a floating restaurant and shopping center in Florida.

He has until June 25 to pay the port about $32,000 for “operations and labor,” Faucher said.

Faucher said Monday that if the debt isn’t paid by June 25, the vessel is considered “abandoned,” and the port commission can authorize a public sale.

If the ferry doesn’t sell, or it’s not removed from the premises, or if other arrangements aren’t made, the title of the vessel will revert to the port within 10 days of the public sale, Faucher said.

The ferry arrived at the port in April 2018 for what was expected to be a “two month layberth” at the marine terminal, Faucher said. Instead, it became two years of inaction. The owner had periodic hiccups with payments to the port, but did pay the port about $80,000 through early January of this year.

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