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Port Manatee opens trade offices in both Europe & Latin America

PortandTerminal.com, February 23, 2019

Palmetto, Florida – In its drive for global commerce, the International Trade Hub at Port Manatee has opened promotional offices in both Latin America and Europe. The move makes good sense. The Latin American/Caribbean region represent more than 55 percent of Florida’s overall foreign trade, while Europe accounts for nearly 17 percent, according to Enterprise Florida, the state’s economic development arm.

Carlos Buqueras, Executive Director, Port Manatee

“The offices provide soft landing platforms in major global markets for leaders of businesses of Manatee County and all of Southwest Florida exploring opportunities in Latin America and Europe, respectively” commented Carlos Buqueras, Executive Director, Port Manatee.

The International Trade Hub

Founded in 2014, the International Trade Hub is designed to promote global business and technological innovation in Manatee County. At the hub, foreign, regional and local start-ups, entrepreneurs and students have access to a low-cost workplace environment and market expertise, helping them kick-start their business in the international market.

Carolina Lopez / Peter Casanova

The Latin American office in Medellin, Colombia, is led by Carolina Lopez, chief executive officer of Manatee Operator Consulting Group. The European location in Barcelona, Spain, is spearheaded by Peter Casanova, chief financial officer of Brosa Abagados y Economistas.

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