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Oil tanker NEW DIAMOND on fire again – PHOTOS

PortandTerminal.com, September 8, 2020

Fire reignited on board MT New Diamond, the Sri Lanka Navy said just a day after reporting that it has managed to douse the fire completely on Monday, September 7.

The intense residual heat in the aft section, engine room, and superstructure of the VLCC was reportedly enough to rekindle the fire.

The fire which re-ignited late on Monday evening increased drastically by midnight, with very high flames visible from the funnel and aft section, reaching almost 170 feet from the weather deck.

As of Tuesday morning local time Indian media is reporting that the fire has once again been brought under control.

Once the fire is completely extinguished the question will be what to do with the vessel. After the temperature inside the superstructure, hull and engine room of the vessel returns to normal, salvage professionals must assess tanker’s status and damages. Once it is deemed safe to do so arrangements will have to be made to tow the vessel where the fuel that it is carrying can be safely offloaded. The ship itself is probably a write-off and will be scrapped.

Oil tanker on  fire. Water spray
Oil tanker on  fire. Water spray
Oil tanker on  fire. Water spray

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