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Fishing vessel sinks in storm off Norway. All 12 crew rescued by helicopter

PortandTerminal.com, December 30, 2019

OSLO, NORWAY – The Norwegian-flagged Fishing Vessel, FAY sank during the morning hours of December the 28th while transiting through the Barents Sea.

The incident occurred at approximately 1100 hours, off the coast of Honningsvag, Norway. The MRCC Northern Norway received a distress call from the ship, suggesting it was caught in adverse weather conditions and that the crew was preparing to abandon the vessel.

Map of Northern Europe with the Norwegian location of Honningsvag highlighted in red

According to reports, the fishing vessel was caught in winds reaching 28 knots and was heavily listing on its port side as a result. 

Following the distress call, MRCC Northern Norway immediately dispatched a Sea King helicopter to the scene, alongside a number of other vessels. 

The helicopter rushed to the scene, covering about 80 miles in 50 minutes. Upon reaching the destination, the helicopter team spotted two life rafts floating in the water. 

Photo of a Norwegian Sea King helicopter performing a rescue mission.  Two men suspended by wire underneath it both wearing wet suits
A Norwegian Sea King helicopter rescued all 12 of the crew (File photo)

Within the next 30 minutes, the helicopter crew managed to safely rescue the crew of the fishing vessel. They transported the Norwegian crew to a hotel in Honningsvag where they received first aid by a crisis team. Thankfully there were no serious injuries reported among the crew of the distressed vessel. 

The remaining ships that participated in the SAR operation reached the site of the incident, and they reported that the vessel proceeded to fully sink at approximately 1325 hours, as it was battered by high-force winds and two-meter high waves. 

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