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NEW VIDEO: The Titanic is slowly melting away

PortandTerminal.com, August 21, 2019

Explorers on the first manned voyage to see the Titanic‘s wreckage in 14 years were astonished by its rapid decay, as time & tides have swept away parts of the ship.

On the first manned dive to the wreck of the Titanic in 14 years, the staff and clients of private expedition tourism company EYOS Expeditions descended to the wreck aboard a small submersible and found that the vessel is slowly deteriorating. 

EYOS Founder Rob McCallum

The Titanic was last dived and physically seen by a human in 2005 during an expedition also led by EYOS Founder Rob McCallum. In 2005, 20 dives were undertaken using twin Mir Russian submersibles, which were rated to 6,000m and carried a pilot and two guests. Until now, only 157 clients have had the opportunity to dive on the Titanic but many films and documentaries have been produced for a variety of international broadcasters.

McCallum said, “I think the Titanic is one of the most iconic and exclusive destinations on Earth. She is very difficult to reach because the logistics of working at 12,500ft while 370 miles offshore are challenging. A lot of people would like to do it, but diving on the Titanic is a complex and difficult undertaking, with currents up to 4 knots. Even though our onboard team has over 200 Titanic dives to their credit, we cannot take anything for granted. We plan every dive from scratch, and it is an immense honor and responsibility to have returned to the Titanic after so many years.”

The latest mission descended 12,500ft (3,810m) to the famous wreck, using special cameras to obtain the breath-taking color video you see in this article.

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