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MUST WATCH: Italians share with themselves what they wish they’d done 10 days ago

PortandTerminal.com, March 17, 2020

Quarantined Italians, pretending that they were speaking to themselves 10 days ago, give advice on what to expect and what to do now to ready themselves for what’s coming with the coronavirus.

MILAN, ITALY – Italy has been devastated by the spread of coronavirus to a degree worse than any country in the world except China. As of today, there are at least 31,506 confirmed cases and 2,503 deaths.

Hospitals are overflowing, and residents are now on lockdown in Italy as they are now elsewhere in Europe. And it’s all because the government and its citizens didn’t take the virus seriously enough soon enough.

WATCH: Inside an intensive care unit at Italy’s virus epicenter

An Italian collective of filmmakers called “A THING BY” asked people from all around Italy to record a message to themselves of 10 days prior. They then created a short 3:31 video of the advice everyday people would give to themselves knowing what they know now.

Released just two days ago, the video has already racked up over 4 million views on YouTube.

So what do the Italians in the video tell themselves from the future? Here’s a sample.

“The worst-case scenario? That’s exactly what is going to happen”

“Start right away doing your part”

“There are currently kids our age who are intubated and in intensive care”

And perhaps most poignantly, was Tomasso, a young father who speaks to the camera holding his child.

Screen Grab of a father with his young child sitting on his lap.

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