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$ Who makes what at the Port of Long Beach?

PortandTerminal.com, September 24, 2019

LONG BEACH, CA – Forget being the CEO or a Director at the Port of Long Beach if money is your primary motivator. You’re far better off financially by becoming a Port Pilot instead.

Mario Cordero, Executive Director at the Port of Long Beach

Mario Cordero, Executive Director at the Port of Long Beach took home a total of $384,262 (salary, bonus, benefits) in 2018 according to Transparent California. Mr Cordero leads the Port’s Harbor Department staff of more than 500 people with an annual budget of nearly $800 million. At the Port of Long Beach, the buck stops with him.

Photo courtesy of the Port of Long Beach

David C Flinn and John L Dwyer are the two Chief Port Pilots at the Port of Los Angeles. Mr Flinn took home a total of $635,031 in 2018. Mr Dwyer took home almost as much with a package of $619,853 that same year. Port Pilots are the small corps of skilled mariners who guide ships in and out of the Port of Long Beach. Make one mistake and you could be looking at a major catastrophe.

Executive Administration compensation packages at the Port of Long Beach (2018)

  • Mario Cordero, Executive Director, $384 262
  • Dr. Noel Hacegaba, Deputy Executive Director, Administration and Operation, $322,488
  • Richard D. Cameron, Deputy Executive Director, Planning and Development, $339,573
  • Sean Gamette, Managing Director, Engineering Services, $315,219
  • Sam Joumblat, Managing Director, Finance & Administration, $317,693
  • Don Snyder, Acting Managing Director, Commercial Operations Bureau, n/a
  • Heather Tomley, Acting Managing Director, Planning and Environmental Affairs Bureau, $236,558
  • Duane Kenagy, P.E., Capital Programs Executive, $341,915

Source: Transparent California. Compensation includes total pay and benefits

How much is too much?

Do the directors at the Port of Long Beach make too much? Certainly not in comparison with some of the other salaries corporate CEOs are making these days.

Arthur L. Peck, CEO, The Gap Inc made $20.8 million in 2018

The parent company of retailer Gap says its global plan is to shutter almost half of the brand’s locations over the next two years.

Ynon Kreiz, CEO, Mattel made $18.7 million in 2018

Mattel’s revenue has declined each year since at least 2016, which was the last time the company’s had a profitable year. Over the course of Kreiz’s tenure, the company’s share price has dipped by over a third.

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