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Monaco Yacht Show wraps up today. See highlights.

PortandTerminal.com, September 28, 2019

MONACO – The 29th Monaco Yacht Show wrapped up this weekend at Port Hercules in Monaco. The show featured 600 exhibitors, 30 thousand visitors and 125 superyachts.

The “average” superyacht at the show (as if any of the yachts were average) is reported by the organizer to be 162 feet (49.5 meters) in length with an asking price of $US 41 million.

Here are a few highlights from this year’s show.

Largest Superyacht

The largest yacht at this year’s show was the Tis (365 feet) built by the German superyacht craftsmen at Lürssen.

The Tis can accommodate 18 guests in 9 luxury cabins supported by 38 crew. The helipad on board Tis doubles as an outdoor cinema or dance floor when not in use which must be very convenient.

Most radical design

The expansive interior has ample space for 14 guests and 31 crew, with a luxurious 50-foot VIP suite occupying the front half of the upper deck.

Developed over the past five months—and unveiled just days before the Monaco Yacht Show—the behemoth 360-foot-plus superyacht prototype marks an exciting step forward in the marine industry: Aqua will be fully powered by liquid hydrogen. The handiwork of Lateral Naval Architects, the hydrogen propulsion system promises smooth and silent sailing at longer range with zero emissions—a major selling point for eco-conscious seafarers.

Funnest looking superyacht toy at the show

The organizers of the Monaco Yacht Show have also carved space for exhibitors who sell the kind of toys that people who can afford a $US 44 million superyacht might interested in. Of course, there were high-end automobiles and mini-subs of all varieties at the show.

Our tastes are a little more pedestrian though and we dare you to say that this waterslide below doesn’t look fun!

FunAir Slide

Inflatables don’t come much more fun than this, as FunAir creates the ultimate new dimension for superyacht vacations and trips with superyacht slides.

The FunAir Slide
The FunAir Slide in action

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