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Maritime Image of the Day: Transportation as giant green planters

PortandTerminal.com, July 5, 2020

French designer Nicolas Abdelkader’s “The Urgency to Slow Down‘ imagines transportation as giant green planters

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA – Like all of us, the pandemic has deeply affected French designer Nicolas Abdelkader’s view of the world.

With road traffic, global trade and demand for flights all drastically reduced during the Covid-19 pandemic, the lockdown inspired him to propose a bold new use for the world’s fuel-burning vehicles: turning them into giant planters.

In his new photo project “The Urgency to Slow Down,” the designer imagines a post-pandemic world where planes, ships and cars have been converted to hold plants and trees.

Is Abdelkader’s vision going to happen? Probably not. Is it fun to look at? Hell yes.

Container ship. Garden. Horse
PHOTO: Nicolas Abdelkader
Dump truck. Garden.
PHOTO: Nicolas Abdelkader
Airplane. Garden. Picnic.
PHOTO: Nicolas Abdelkader

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