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Maritime Image of the Day: “The Thridrangar Lighthouse”

PortandTerminal.com, November 6, 2019

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA – The Thridrangar Lighthouse in southern Iceland is stunning for both its jaw-dropping isolation and the logistics that are required to keep it functioning.

The Thridrangar lighthouse is on an island that translates to “High Rock” in English

Built in 1939, the only access to the Thridrangar lighthouse is by helicopter. Although it may seem like the perfect place to get away from it all, the lighthouse is uninhabitable.

Located near the Vestmannaeyjar islands, the lighthouse sits on the highest of the three rocks, which is called Háidrangur, or High Rock in English.

 In July 2015, six workmen were flown by helicopter to carry out maintenance work on the lighthouse. They filmed the video below of the approach which encapsulates the sheer remoteness of this building. 

The men spent the night on the island and said told the National Broadcasting Service they had even spotted killer whales in the water below.

All pizza deliveries at the lighthouse must be carefully coordinated and executed with helicopter support. No “30 minutes or free” delivery options are honored by any local pizza chains in Iceland to the lighthouse

Watch a supply mission to the lighthouse

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